Montague Island is a remote destination with secluded sandy beaches, towering mountains, and majestic wildlife. The region offers the opportunity to see unique wildlife species like the Montague Island Little Penguin. Adults who want to visit and experience the enchanting escape in the nature reserve can enjoy guided land tours on scenic paths and see the island’s whales, fur seals, and its most famous penguin colonies.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable vacation in an untouched destination, today is the perfect time to book a Montague Island Penguin Tour.

How to Book Penguin Tours in Montague Island

Montague Island is a nature reserve. Although tours are frequently hosted in the area, there are a few limitations and restrictions to follow if you decide to enjoy a weekend escape on the island.

There are several agencies that offer tours on Montague Island. Although the place seems to be a family-friendly destination,  there are several guides on penguin tours to be followed. Kids below 5 years of age are not allowed on the island. Additionally, participants should be able to climb ladders at the jetty to be able to get to the island. Bookings are also done in advance, preferable a week before your visit to be able to schedule boat transfers. At the moment, only contracted commercial boats are allowed to come and go on the island.

Guide on Penguin Tours: Making The Most Out of the Experience

Morning and evening half-day tours are available on the island with a viewing of the Little Penguins available during the evening tours. You can see the colony of little penguins on the purpose-built platform that is lighted especially for this experience.

Penguin landing times are mostly dependent on the amount of light on the island.   If you plan to stay overnight and enjoy dinner on Montague Island, you should plan it after the viewing. As soon as you see the lighthouse lens on, it is best to head to the viewing platform to secure a  nice spot to see and enjoy the penguins.

The island can be quite cold at night time so it would be best to wear warm clothing and tag a jacket along. Wear comfortable and closed shoes too. There is a lot of walking and a few steep climbs to get in and out of the island. As a rule of thumb, bringing at least one torch, especially when staying overnight is ideal.

A few rules are also practised in the area.  Guests should never attempt to chase, hold, or bother the penguins. Injured birds are always reported to the Field Officer on Duty on the island. The flash on your cameras and phones should be turned off when taking pictures of the island wildlife, especially the penguins.  Lastly, there should be no other lights on the Little Penguins other than the viewing lights on the viewing platform.

As you head to the viewing platform, you might encounter penguins along the way. It would be best to stay back at a safe distance. As much as the island wants to share this one-of-a-kind experience with its guests, it would like to maintain the sustainability of the island and keep its wildlife safe and at peace in their natural habitat.

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All penguin tours are guided by a National Park and Wildlife Ranger with free whale watching during the months of September to November.

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