Are you looking for a new adventure but have tried almost everything else? If you love nature and enjoy the sea, Narooma snorkelling with seals would be a fun adventure to try.

Like penguins, seals are considered to be unique animals that can be only enjoyed in a few remote places. Seeing them in their natural habitat is beyond comparison to the seal attractions that we see in water parks. Swimming around them would just be a new and quite exhilarating adventure. Just being up close with these animals on Montague Island would be a once in a lifetime chance to experience. It is a popular destination in New South Wales known for its penguin, seals, and whale water adventures.

Montague Island Snorkel With Seals Adventure

Montague Island is the perfect place for your new adventure; just two hours away from Sydney and packed full of snorkelling spots, dolphins, and seals! Similar to penguin tours, snorkelling and being up close to these sea wildlife would be best experienced during mid-spring from September to November.

Montague Island is a portion that is within the boundaries of Montague Island Nature Reserve. It is considered to be one of the most popular nature destinations located on the South Coast. The area is one of the larger islands off NSW and is home to the region’s most scenic, historical, and scientific attractions.

Second, to its famous Little Penguins, seals are also quite plenty in the area, offering a nature adventure that can be hard to resist. Montague Island snorkel adventures with its famous fur seals is an experience you should not miss.

Montague Island Snorkel with Seals Guide

If you are planning to visit the seals on Montague Island it would be best to book an underwater safari adventure to the island via Montague Island & Penguin Tours. The area can be only reached via contract approved boats so it would be best to coordinate with them for a seamless visit to the island. Pickups are at the small harbour located in Narooma. Located seven kilometres from the shore, it is not a very long trip but again can be only accessible through an island charter boat.

There are two species of seals that frequent the island  – the Australian fur seal, a large colony of which is located on the island, and the New Zealand fur seal. Although there are plenty of endemic sea lions and leopard seals located on the island, the fur seals are considered to be uncommon and seasonal in the area.

Although swimming with these puppies of the ocean is a genuinely fun adventure, snorkelers are advised to swim at a safe distance from these seals and avoid feeding them at all times. At present, kids below five are not permitted on the island. Additionally, you should be physically fit to climb ladders and jetties to set foot and explore the island.

Most of the seal pups are located hiding on the sheltered areas of the coves. It would be best to let them come to you when you find them, not the other way around. They can be curious and adoring to look at but they are still wild animals.

The younger seals are more curious compared to the adult ones and they observe you as much as you observe you. They can be playful too and swim around you. Try not to chase them and simply enjoy them as they frolic around you.

These fur seal colonies do not stay on the island for long. They move around and can be seen in different sites on the northern side of Montague Island. As for the  New Zealand fur seal colonies, they have been observed to have settled in the southern end of the island for a couple of years now. If you plan to visit the island on a different month other than springtime, these areas would be a good spot to explore too.

Experience Montague Island Snorkel Adventures with Montague Island & Penguin Tours

Your once-in-a-lifetime adventure awaits you on Montague Island. Snorkelling with seals is the perfect experience for people of all ages, hobbies, and interests. Snorkel with Seals in Montague Island.