Narooma Whale Watching Adventure

In Narooma, September through to November is Whale Watching Season.

Montague Island Adventures offer an amazing Whale Watching experience, where you, your family and friends can get up close to some of natures most amazing creatures. Spring is the perfect time to view the whales, as large volumes of krill and baitfish create one of the best feeding grounds in Australia!

Narooma Whale Watching Highlights include

  • Complete whale watching tour with an experienced guide
  • See large pods of dolphins, which general feed with the whales and often visit the boat to play in the wake. You will find yourself almost being able to touch them. Also see schools of fish, birds and other fascinating wildlife
  • A visit to the largest seal colony in NSW, where you can see seals and their pups up close

Humpback whales are renowned for their spectacular behaviour. Humpbacks will leap out of the water, roll in the air and crash noisily back into the water. The humpbacks are also very curious creatures and will come right up to the side of the boat and bob up and down, trying to get a good look at the boat.


Our Barunguba Montague Island and Lighthouse tours include free whale watching, where depending on the tour you can see the little penguins returning to shore at dusk for a complete wildlife experience!

Barunguba Montague Island Guided Tours

Visit Barunguba Montague Island and see the seals, wildlife, lighthouse, and learn the history.

Highlights include

  • Enjoy a 20 minute boat ride to and from Barunguba Montague Island
  • Take a guided tour of Barunguba Montague Island and the Lighthouse
  • See all kinds of wildlife up close, including whales, seals, dolphins and more
  • Light refreshments, tea, coffee, soft drink and water.
  • Evening tours includes bonus Penguin viewing session when the penguins return to shore at dusk to feed their hungry chicks.

WHAT TO BRING: Hat, Jacket, Camera, Sunscreen and Sensible  Walking Shoes

PLEASE NOTE: * Participants must be able to climb a ladder at the Island jetty and have a moderate fitness level for the Barunguba Montague Island Tours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is a Whale Watching Tour?

Please see our booking page for prices.

Are Whale Watching Tours Safe?

We have modern boats with safety equipment and experienced crew to keep you safe.

What Is the Best Time for Whale Watching?

Whale Watching is from September to November, the best months is October

What Do I Need for a Whale Watching Tour?

You only need a camera, and jacket.

Can I Take Pictures or Video?

Yes you can take pictures and vides.

What Happens if We Don't See Whales on Our Trip?

If you don’t see any whales from September to October, you will receive your next trip free, but so far we have 100% sight rate.

What Kind of Whales Do We Hope to See?

You will see Humpback whales.

What Is Our Success Rate Seeing Whales?

We have 100% sight success rate seeing whales.

What Should I Wear on My Whale Watch Tour?

Comfortable clothing and a jacket.

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Montague Island Penguin
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