Sail & Snorkel With the Seals on Montague Island

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Looking for a different kind of island adventure on Australia’s South Coast? Are you looking to get up close and personal with seals? If these two are what make up a fun and relaxing island adventure for you, snorkelling with seals, Montague Island is just the right adventure for you.

Also known as Barungaba, Montague Island is home to the largest colony of Little Penguins in New South Wales. Two seal colonies also reside in the area, together with 15 other species of birds and water animals. Second, to seeing the penguins as a favourite tourist attraction in the area, Montague Island is also host to snorkelling and up-close swimming adventures with the Australian fur seals and the New Zealand seals located in the area. Sail and snorkel on Montague Island Adventures bring in a lot of tourists in the area all year round, especially during the Spring season.

Montague Island Snorkelling

Booking a tour of the island is your best way to experience snorkelling on Montague Island. The area is only accessible via NPWS contracted commercial charter vessels owned or working in partnership with the tour operators. If you are planning to visit, check out Montague Island Adventures to see the best rates and tour packages available all year round. Again, private vessel access to the island is not allowed. 

A minimum of 5 years old is required for guests seeking to enjoy a visit to the island. Additionally, tourists should be able to climb steep hills and the island’s jetty ladder to be able to access the area.

Sail and Snorkel on Montague Island

Snorkelling tour adventures in Montague Island are usually included in most penguin tours and land guided tours. If snorkelling is not your cup of tea, you can also cruise along the foreshore and enjoy the sights and the sea.

Most snorkelling adventures start at $115 per person with a duration of around 3 to 3. 5 hours. Wetsuits, fins and snorkelling equipment are also included in the snorkelling adventure fee. If you would like to enjoy the rest of the island too, you can book an island tour, either for day trips or evening adventures to be able to see the lighthouse and the famous little penguins. This will cost you around $145 and four hours on the island.

Any time of the day would be best to experience swimming and snorkelling with the seals in the island. However, if you plan to check out the dolphins too, it would be best to snorkel at an earlier time slot to reserve the later part of the day to explore the rest of the island.

Swimming with the seals is generally safe. They are not aggressive and can be super inquisitive and playful too. However, snorkelers are advised not to touch and feed these seals and to stay within a safe distance. Guides can be included in your tour package if you are not that confident with snorkelling with these animals. However, a guide is always watching either from the boat or on the water as you go and have fun with these adorable animals.  Diving adventures are also available but guests should be certain that they are able to swim.

Get Ready to Sail and Snorkel with Us!

Are you ready to get up close with a colony of seals on Montague Island? It’s a unique opportunity to observe these playful creatures in their natural habitat. Feel the warm water on your skin, touch the bright coral and sea life, and let the gentle currents carry you through an underwater world of tropical fish, aquatic plants, and more.