Do’s and don’t when snorkelling with seals

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Now that you have finally decided to take the plunge and enjoy the seals and other underwater treasures of Montague Island, there are a few things that you should remember.

You dont need to be a to be an expert or a strong swimmer to enjoy snorkelling with seals. However, knowing the basics will make the experience lean on the fun rather than nerve-wrecking. Additionally, there are some reminders to follow to keep you safe while snorkelling and while being up close and personal with these fun and adorable animals.

Here are some of the do’s and don’t when snorkelling with seals in Montague Island.

Top Things to Remember When Snorkelling with Seals

As you familiarise yourself, you should also avoid tilting your head too much to avoid water from breaching your snorkel equipment. Although there’s a guide that can assist you while in the water, it would be best to know the basics in snorkelling.

Do’s To Remember

  • Stay within a safe distance when snorkelling with seals. Remember that even though they are not aggressive animals, they are still wild animals. 
  • Stay in the water, be quiet and do what the seal does. It would be best to avoid making too much movement when interacting with these animals. A standing human can look aggressive to them. Just relax and simply enjoy the experience.
  • Stay shallow. It would be best to stay within five to ten meters underwater, especially for inexperienced divers. The experience itself is a tiring activity, although you may not notice it underwater. Tiring yourself can cause you to miss another dip into the water or other adventures included in your adventure tour.
  • Wear your complete snorkelling gear. Most guided tours include free use of snorkelling gear including the wetsuit. Use them for your own safety and convenience.
  • Turn off the flash of your camera. This can distract and may agitate the seals.

Don’ts to Remember

  • Do not come too near or touch the seals. Let them come to you.  If they do not come to you, you can enjoy observing them at a distance.
  • Feeding seals while snorkelling is not allowed. Additionally, snorkelling with seals without a licensed guide is not allowed.
  • Do not panic. You’ll sometimes forget the breathing technique, be overwhelmed by the surroundings or simply feel uneasy. When you do, ask for help from your guide to help you get above water.
  • Do not attempt to snorkel alone. Swimming with seals may seem fun but doing it alone, especially for an inexperienced diver can be quite dangerous. Even seasoned divers rarely go underwater alone too.
  • Avoid using your hands. Snorkelling is more about floating rather than swimming. Too much movement can also tire you out and cause you to prematurely end your time with the seals. Floating and gliding help you breathe more normally too.
  • Do not chase or engage with the seals. Seals are very fast swimmers. Although you will never be able to catch up with one if you attempt to chase it, doing so might cause them to act defensively.

Keeping in mind these do’s and don’t when snorkelling with seals can help you stay safe while making the most out of your snorkelling experience.

Snorkelling with Seals via Montague Island & Penguin Tours

Montague Island is the perfect destination for animal lovers of all shapes and sizes. You’ll feel right at home with the indigenous seal population, as well as the penguin colony on the mainland. For these types of adventures and more, book a tour with Montague Island & Penguin Tours. Your dream adventure trip is waiting.