Snorkelling is a great way to connect with nature, see some beautiful reefs, and even see some seals! It’s one of the safest activities to do in the ocean. It’s also a great activity for beginners who might not be comfortable swimming in open water.

But before you go out to snorkel with the seals, there are a few things you should know. Here we’ll go over everything you need to know about snorkelling with seals. We’ll also discuss some safety tips for beginners.

Snorkel With Seals Narooma

One of the best parts of snorkelling with seals in Narooma is the opportunity to get so close to these beautiful animals. They might not be able to swim under the sea very often, but they can often be seen in the surrounding waters. If you see one in the water, it’s a great opportunity to get very close and maybe even pet it.

5 Tips for a Safe Snorkelling Experience With Seals

Here are a few important tips to know about snorkelling with seals.

  • Don’t Go Alone

Always have an experienced seal diver with you if you’re new to snorkelling with seals. Being alone might be risky since careless motions or actions could startle the seals into attacking you.

  • Stick with shallow water

Shallow water is generally less than 10 feet deep. If you end up snorkelling in deeper water, you could get in trouble. You could damage your equipment trying to swim back to the surface if you end up too deep in the water.

  • Don’t Approach Seals in a Crowd

Seals frequently have their noses barely above the surface of the water when they are resting or digesting their meals. So try not to crowd or disturb them.

Allow the seals to approach you if you are in an area where there is a noticeable seal population and you are expecting to see them in the water with you. This is OK because the encounter will be on the seals’ terms.

  • Know the Warning Signs of a Seal Attack

It is extremely unlikely that they will be violent towards you because they are quite amusing creatures. However, if you notice any behaviour that would indicate stress, such as increased vocalization, teeth grinding or a quick entry into the water, move away.

Try to give the seal time to recover so that both you and the seals can enjoy the experience.

  • Do Not Feed the Seals

Though they can be playful, never attempt to handle or feed the seals. Keep in mind that they are strong and have huge, powerful teeth.


On Montague Island snorkel with seals might sound like a pretty challenging activity, but once you’ve got everything you need, it’s actually quite easy. It’s an excellent way to experience the amazing underwater world. 

You’re sure to feel a deep sense of tranquillity and connection to the ocean after spending some time snorkelling with seals. If you’re interested in learning more about it, our guide will help you get started!