What’s so great about watching penguins? Why do we feel such pleasure and amusement whenever we have a chance to see one.

Some say that we enjoy seeing penguins because of their uniqueness. They are upright birds that walk with their two feet, just like how we humans do. And with most penguins living in cold places far from humankind, seeing one adds a hint of excitement, a one-of-a-kind experience that not everyone experiences.

Contrary to popular belief, penguins are not limited to areas on the Antarctic coasts and the sub-Antarctic islands. Montague Island, a continental island located in New South Wales is home to over 8,000 pairs of penguins. In fact, it is considered to be a wildlife wonderland that is the current home to the largest colony of penguins in NSW.  Birds and fur seals also found a home in this island.

Best Time of the Year to Visit the Little Penguins of Montague

The best time of the year to see penguins in Montague Island is during the month of September or during mid-spring. The Montague Island penguins can be visited any time of the year but most tours are available from September to January. Penguins and whales arrive in the area during September. As for the time of the day, it would be best to see the little penguins during sunset. Overnight tours are also available on the island in case you want to stay longer and be more up close and personal with these unique and endearing animals.

Montague Island Penguins

Montague Island is a destination in Narooma popular for its Montague Island Penguin Tours. The area,  also a nature reserve is home to the “Little Penguins” also known as Eudyptula Minor.  Montague’s location near the wharf is believed to be one of the reasons why this area has a special spot for these penguins. 

These penguins are observed to be most active during their breeding and mounting seasons. This is the best time of the year to see penguins on Montague Island. Standing on the island’s illuminated observation platform gives tourists and locals a chance to see the little penguins in their natural habitat during nighttime.

More experimental Montague Island Penguin Tours were conducted in the area a few years after it was declared as a Nature Reserve in 1990. Today, morning and evening half-day tours operate in the area throughout the whole year.

Best Tip When Booking Montague Island Tours

To get the most out of your experience in Montague Island and its Little Penguins is via a half-day trio from a local tour operator in Narooma. Tours range from three to four hours with options for additional land-based excursions. September to November would be the most ideal months for visits with whale-watching and dolphin-watching included in the day tours. Swimming and snorkelling tours can be also enjoyed in the area.

Planning to visit the Little Penguins anytime soon? Get closer to nature and escape together with the fun and entertaining wildlife of Montague Island. Book ahead and see check out the custom-designed boats and tour packages available via Montague Island Adventures.