One of the most iconic and exciting historical landmarks in Australia is the Montague Island Lighthouse. This heritage site has been in existence since 1881 and has been a tourist attraction for Australians and people across the globe.

The location has a rich historical background and an alluring and scenic area you would like to know about. Continue reading to find out about these magnificent locations.

Historical Background Of Montague Island Lighthouse

montague island lighthouse

The Barunguba Island, which serves as the location of the Montague Island Lighthouse history, suggests it was a fertile hunting ground for the Aborigines. The location is on the Tasman Sea, offshore of Narooma, New South Wales, Australia. The local aboriginal people are said to have used the area for hunting Penguins and other animals prior to the construction of the lighthouse in 1881.

The approval to construct the lighthouse was given in 1873, but the project was completed in October 1881. The official lighting of the building was done in November of the same year. The light was argued to have been powered by kerosene or oil; however, it is now solar-powered and boasts more efficiency than decades ago. The building, featuring a cylindrical tower and a lantern, was constructed using granite.

Charms And Natural Beauty Of Montague Island Lighthouse

Montague Island is a scenic area with a lot of natural beauty to behold. Originally, it is known to be a play area for penguins, fur seals, and other species of birds. The environment has the reputation of being a wildlife sanctuary with over 90 species of birds and marine creatures.

At the beginning of your Montague Lighthouse tour, you will be welcomed with sounds from surrounding animals, making up a symphony every tourist likes to hear.

The island itself is made up of rugged cliffs with oceanic interactions. The clean and pristine water is home to fur seals, who come to the shore to play and feed.

The natural blue colour of the water complements the flora on the coastal paths and shoreline. The entire environment of Montague Island is naturally beautiful and has a nice view to behold.

Things To Do In Montague Island Lighthouse

montague island penguins

If you visit South Wales, Australia, you might want to consider a Montague lighthouse tour. Besides the alluring sight of the environment, there are a number of things you can do also. Below is a list of things to do around Montague Island Lighthouse:

  • Take a guided lighthouse tour

You can be part of our Montague Island tours, which offer a better view of the historic structure. You also have the opportunity of acquiring knowledge about the significance of guided light in marine navigation. There is also the opportunity of climbing the lighthouse and viewing the scenic area.

  • Wildlife Watching

You can explore Montague Island lighthouse by watching the marine wildlife that make this south coast their home. The spectacle of penguins, fur seals, mammals, and amazing birds around the coastal area will definitely make your day. With your camera, you will have a variety of beauty to click on for a lifetime memory.

  • Enjoy the sunset view

Sunset at Montague Island is always a breathtaking sight. The sun’s golden hue gives the landscape a silhouette painting that makes it a beautiful sight to behold. It is always a magical time every visitor will love to experience.

Final Words

Montague Island Lighthouse’s history is worth learning about, particularly the stories surrounding its origins. In addition to that, the environment is made up of beautiful landscapes and animals to behold. You can enjoy more of these when you take a Montague lighthouse tour.