Montague Island Adventures & Charter Fish Narooma

Booking Information

Today 10/4/24 – 12:30pm Barunguba Montague Island tour running, with snorkelling. 3 options.  Straight Tour, straight snorkel or combo tour and snorkel.

Tomorrow 11/4/24 – Tours and fishing available pending numbers.

Saturday 12/4/24  and daily – Morning Fish departing 6am, and afternoon tours, snorkelling and combo tour and snorkelling running.

Parking: Mill Bay Boat Ramp, Short walk to end of the road to Yellow Boat Shed.


Fishing Charters  – 1/2 Day Charter sport and reef, Target species, Kingfish, Snapper, Mowie, Flathead and varies other reef fish, Full day Game fish, depending on the season and water currents, Marlin and Tuna, and deep sea drop lining, Blue eye Cod, Ling, and many other deep sea species.

*Have been catching Kingfish on the 1/2 day reef fish  and Marlin on the full day charters. 

Montague Island Tours  –  No one under the age of 5 is allow to land at the Island.  Can only see the penguins in the evening tour September to January. Penguin season has finished for this year

Snorkelling with the Seals

*Any age!

*Must be able to swim.

*Flotation device (noodle if needed),

*Wetsuit, Mask, snorkel and fins included.

*Pick up wetsuits from Ocean Hut Dive shop before coming to the boat – 23 Graham Street. 3mm wetsuits full length

* 1.5 to 2  hours snorkelling time.

*Tour and snorkel combo 4o minute snorkelling time, and 1.5 hours on the Island.

Whale Watching

September to November – No whales at the moment

Nitro 44ft Walkaround Noosa Cat, takes up to 24 people, Fish 12 people on a shared 1/2 day charter and 9 on a full day charter.


Playstation – 33ft Walkaround Mono Hull takes up to 8 people on 1/2 day fish and 6 on a full day fish.

Toilet on board both boats

# Use Montague Island Tour and Snorkel if some are snorkelling and some not, option for tour only.

Morning Montague Island Tour

The Morning Barunguba Montague Island Tour departs at 8.30am, this four hour tour features a two and half hour guided tour of Barunguba Montague Island which includes a visit to the grave yard, seal colony, climbing of the lighthouse and the southern end of the Island. Refreshments included; tea, coffee, soft drink and water

Afternoon Montague Island Tour

The Afternoon Barunguba Montague Island Tour   12:30pm for a  12:45pm departure, lasts three hours and includes a 1.5 hour guided tour of the Island, which includes seeing the lighthouse and a chance to see seals in their natural habitat and refreshments as well, you also have the option to snorkel with the seals. To snorkel as well book Barunguba Montague Island Tour & Snorkel with the Seals Tour. *Depending on number the tour and snorkel and afternoon tour run together.

Snorkel with the Seals Montague Island

The Barunguba  Montague Island tour and  Snorkel with the Seals includes a guided tour of Barunguba Montague Island 1.5 hours, see the lighthouse. Visit to the largest seal colony where you can snorkel with the seals in the calm sheltered bay.  Fins, Mask & Snorkel included.Children under the age of 5 are unable land at the Island . Wetsuits 3mm.  Duration: 3.5 to 4 hours

Narooma Snorkel with the Seals

Snorkel with the Seals at Barunguba Montague Island, keep an eye out for dolphins, whales, and other wildlife along the way, visit the seal colony at Montague Island. 3mm wetsuit, Fins, mask and snorkel included. Duration: 2.5 to 3.5 hours. Depending on numbers can run with the afternoon tour and snorkel. * Tours does not include landing on the Island at Barunguba Montague Island.

Fishing charters

Fish aboard Playstation or Nitro, specialising in small and large groups. Fishing Montague Island or one of our other close reefs. Chasing King Fish, Bonito, Morwongs, Snapper,  Gummy Sharks, Flathead, and many other reef species. All game fishing, Tuna and Marlin.  All bait, tackle, ice, fishing licence and refreshments drinks included.

Options:  shared charter per person, Playstation Private up to 8 people or Nitro Private up to 12 People for 1/2 day reef fish. Full day Playstation up to 6 peeople and Nitro up to 9 people.