Whales spotted on Montague Island Tour

Today was the perfect winter day for a Montague Island Tour and a Snorkel with the Seals at Montague Island. Along the way, we came across some whales. This time of year, we are likely to see the whales as they are on their way past and will return in September, when our whale watching season will start.

We also had some guests that went snorkelling with the playful seals at Montague Island, after their Montague Island Tour.

seals sun montague island

Seals enjoying some sun bathing on Monague Island.


First of the Whales near Narooma

Whale Watching Narooma

Whale Watching Narooma Tours

The first of the whales have been spotted near Narooma.

The humpback whales are on their migration north to warmer waters for the winter and will return around September when our whale watching season will start, when the whales are migrating south back to Antarctica.

The whales don’t hang around whilst heading north, and swim quite fast, but on their journey back the whales hang around, and is the best time to see them, as they play and jump around.