Tuna Fishing – Narooma & Montague Island Update

Just an update, the past 2 weeks have been very slow for us recently. Bad weather has prevented us from going wide looking for the Bluefin Tuna for some time now.


Snapper caught around the Narooma – Montague Island area.

A week ago was our last trip out and things where very quiet with the majority of the fish out too wide for us to reach. One upside is the water holding the fish has pushed in closer within reach and local longliners are getting good numbers of fish.

One more day of bad weather and hopefully we will be out on Wednesday for a look. Hopefully a positive report. In closer water has cooled off and a few good size gummy sharks and snapper have started to show up, although our last trip to Montague Island, we did see a patch of small Kingfish (undersize), we will see what the week brings. Read more…

Whales spotted on Montague Island Tour

Today was the perfect winter day for a Montague Island Tour and a Snorkel with the Seals at Montague Island. Along the way, we came across some whales. This time of year, we are likely to see the whales as they are on their way past and will return in September, when our whale watching season will start.

We also had some guests that went snorkelling with the playful seals at Montague Island, after their Montague Island Tour.

seals sun montague island

Seals enjoying some sun bathing on Monague Island.


Bluefin Tuna Fishing Narooma

Bluefin Tuna have finally arrived in the Narooma area. After hearing on the radio of a few boats with a decent patch of Bluefin around the boats, we headed out to get some underwater footage and do some filming, after having a late leave at 2:30pm.

Huge patch of Bluefin ranging from 20-35kg with the odd 40-50kg mixed in, the bite was about as hot as you can get anything you put in the water was eaten.

Charter Fish Narooma

Tuna Fish fishing Narooma area.

Read more…

Whales Spotted Montague Island near Narooma

Lots of whales have been spotted over the last couple of days off the coast of Narooma near Montague Island. This time of years the whales are heading North for the winter and will return around the start of September.

If you would like to go and get up close with the whales, Narooma Tours offers a whale watching tour.

whale jumping montague island

Whale jumping near Montague Island off the Narooma coastline.

Our whale watching season is from September to November and free whale watching is including in all our Montague Island Tours, but  if you are wanting to head out on a Montague Island Tours shortly you may just see these amazing creatures on your journey out.