History of Montague Island

The original spelling of Montague Island was Montagu! The spelling changed to Montague on the 2nd June 1972. There is no explanation in why the spelling of the name changed. Montague Island was named after the second Earl of Halifax George Montagu Dunk,

Montague Island started as a hill than a headland and now a Island!

In the last Ice Age, about 17000 to 20000 years ago, six kilometres inland, Montague Island was a hill. Montague Island become a headland when the climate warned and the ice melted. The sea level rise 10000  years ago to within 30 metres of what it is today and Montague Island.

With the sea still rising this created two large Islands – Montague Island and another Island to the south. 6000 Years ago the coastline was as it is today.

Once it became an Island Aboriginal people made seasonal visit to Montague Island by Canoe. There is two freshwater springs on the Island and access to many food sources, birds, bird eggs, fish, penguins and possible seals.

Montague Island


Up Close to the Whales

The amount of whales around at the moment is amazing! If there is ever a time to consider whale watching now is the time, for an amazing experience give us a call now on 0407 487 702

Whale Watching on Sunday








Spring is the perfect time to view the whales, as large volumes of krill and baitfish create one of the best feeding grounds in Australia!

Narooma Whale Watching Highlights include

  • Complete whale watching tour with an experienced guide
  • See large pods of dolphins, which general feed with the whales and often visit the boat to play in the wake.
  • Also see schools of fish, birds and other fascinating wildlife
  • A visit to the largest seal colony in NSW, where you can see seals and their pups up close
  • Our Montague Island and Lighthouse tours include free whale watching, where depending on the tour you can see the little penguins returning to shore at dusk for a complete wildlife experience!
  • Free Whale Watching with all our Montague Island Tours

Snapper and Kingfish

After a very quite few weeks things are starting to kick into gear for us here in Narooma, snapper fishing is really starting to improve for us here on the coast with fish up to 70cm. The past couple day with 67 and 68cm fish landed and plenty smaller snapper. We have also caught a couple small kingfish and seen a few schools of bigger kingfish starting to move around Montague Island and with the water temp warming up to around 16.4 degrees we could be in with an early kingfish season.

Bluefin Tuna season Narooma

Bluefin Tuna season started well for us her and ended very quickly with the fish moving on early  in July. good numbers of bluefin Tuna have been caught off Sydney and now Wollongong. in the past few days and with the water pushing souther is is always a chance of a late season bite in the next 2 weeks. Fingers Crossed!

On a different note, whales are well and truely here and the next 2 months are the best time of the year for whale watching and penguins tours!





Lots and Lots of Whales Montague Island Narooma

Whale Watching is well underway, with lots and lots of whales being spotted.

whale diving whale narooma whale-swimming montague island






On our last whale watching tour we saw over 20 whales, jumping, playing and splashing about right near the boat. We also visited Montague Island to see the seals. We have whale watching tours running daily, until the end of November.

Montague Island, Whale Watching and Snorkelling with the Seals Packages:

You can view our selection of Montague Island Tours, Whale Watching and Snorkelling with the Seals Tours  and make a booking through our website.

Our tour options consist of:

We include free whale watching with all our Montague Island Tours, including the Evening Penguin Tour.