It’s Whale Watching Season

It’s Whale watching season from September to November. During this period, warm ocean currents assemble pods of moving Humpback Whales bringing them near the shore. Montague Island and Narooma, therefore, become among the best destinations globally to watch the migrating whales.

Humpback Whales differ from other whales because of their acrobatic nature. Often, the Humpback display different movements including the pectoral slaps, tail slaps and other interesting show of breeches. Besides enjoying the beautiful scenery courtesy of the Humpback Whales, you have a chance to see the mothers, as well as, the calves swimming side by side.

Whale Watching Special – $10 off per person rate for all whale watching, and also our Montague Island Tours.

Striped Marlin

What a day on the water last week with some cracking Kingies at Montague island in the morning followed by a few dolphin fish and then going 5 4 3 On striped marlin, with a double hook up at one stage getting 1 from 2 on the double and being a little unlucky on a couple fish Today, all bait ball fish with one bait ball with 6 fish on it that we managed a double, back out again tomorrow see how we go!



Dolphin & Kingfish

With a few days of nice weather we were busy over the weekend kingfish a no show on Friday but dolphin fish making a welcomed appearance for us with 14 legal fish, not big only around the 70-75cm range but good fun on light gear! Saturday we saw 4-5 kingfish on both trips although not many fish better quality in the 80cm plus range, and finally Sunday things really kicked into gear with 15 legal Kingies the best around 90cm! A few quality kingfish around early again today but slower in general, see what the next few days brings


Fishing Charters

Penguin Tours

Montague Island Penguin

We are still seeing 15 penguins a night on our Evening Montague Island Penguin Tours. Our Montague Island Penguin Tour will come to an end shortly once the Penguins stop coming ashore to feed their chicks. The tour runs nightly from 6:30pm. The Island is closed for our afternoon tour for the next 2 weeks but our Morning Montague Island Tour and the Evening Penguin Tour are still running.

Our Evening Penguin Tour includes:

  • Guided Tour of Montague Island with a National Parks and Wildlife Ranger including climbing the lighthouse.
  • A visit to the largest seal colony in NSW
  • Refreshments including water, soft drink, tea coffee, hot chocolate and morning or afternoon tea. Cheese platter.
  • Watching the Little Penguins come ashore on dusk.