Montague Island Reopens 2nd July

Montague Island will reopen on the 2nd July, with a few changes to the tours.

  • Age limit to access Montague Island NR jetty will now be in place this being – 5 years and above only.  As previously the clause,  all tour participants must be independently able to climb the ladder and walk independently up the gradual steep incline to the Lighthouse precinct will still be in place for all persons 5 years and above.
  • The lighthouse will be excluded from all tours during COVID-19 – tours will be kept ‘open air’ to avoid entering confined spaces with tour participants.

Montague Island Tours, Snorkelling with the Seals or a combo Tour and Snorkel now running.

Montague Island is currently closed

Montague Island is currently closed due to the Covid pandemic. We are hoping Montague Island will be reopened by the National Parks on the 1st July 2020. We will keep you posted.

montague island lighthouse

It’s Whale Watching Season

It’s Whale watching season from September to November. During this period, warm ocean currents assemble pods of moving Humpback Whales bringing them near the shore. Montague Island and Narooma, therefore, become among the best destinations globally to watch the migrating whales.

Humpback Whales differ from other whales because of their acrobatic nature. Often, the Humpback display different movements including the pectoral slaps, tail slaps and other interesting show of breeches. Besides enjoying the beautiful scenery courtesy of the Humpback Whales, you have a chance to see the mothers, as well as, the calves swimming side by side.

Whale Watching Special – $10 off per person rate for all whale watching, and also our Montague Island Tours.

Striped Marlin

What a day on the water last week with some cracking Kingies at Montague island in the morning followed by a few dolphin fish and then going 5 4 3 On striped marlin, with a double hook up at one stage getting 1 from 2 on the double and being a little unlucky on a couple fish Today, all bait ball fish with one bait ball with 6 fish on it that we managed a double, back out again tomorrow see how we go!